Sunday, August 23, 2009


Pikachu is a character known to most of you, but unfortunately, in some countries, there are some fakes you cannot believe. Let's see this picture below.

Maybe you saw something different from Pikachu... I'm sure these ugly pikachu can dissapoint a lot of Pokémon fan especially children. Some of children may be surprised and cry in despair. Some of who don't know Pikachu may recognize those pictures as a popular character Pikachu. Moreover, problem of picture on the right is... people have to pay some money for riding on that fake Pikachu. Who can love that Pikachu?And Who wants to ride on it? Nobody.

Amazing boy

Maybe most of you got surprised when you saw this picture.

This Indian boy is still 3 years old, and already received driver's license for 350cc bike. The bike on this picture is customized by his father, and this boy is controlling it with no problem. His father does not allow him to drive it alone as he's still young.

This boy is really amazing, and I even respect him and his skill. But I think license should not be taken in his age as he may not be able to keep his safety in his mind.