Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waraji and Geta

Several hundreds years ago, Japanese people did not have any shoes. Until Japan became open to foreign countries and Japan imports European culture in 1868, Japanese people were using some sorts of sandals called Waraji and Geta. Waraji is made of straw(a grain plant), and Geta is made of wood. Before People put on the waraji and the geta, they can choose to wear white socks or keep their feet bare.

Now, the waraji and the geta can be rarely seen in Japan. They are actually still used by Japanese people, but both sandals are now usually ofr summer festivals abd some Japanese traditional events.
*People generally wear kimonos and one of those sandals together.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today I've found some painful pictures of Pikachu. As always, these will disappoint you and make kids cry soon... Maybe it's better not to show these pictures for kids. You will see what problems all Pikachu in these pictures have.This Pikachu has an usual appearance. I mean its appearance does not have any problem. The only problem is the entrance... I do not want to see a lot of children enter it... I don't know what this item is, but this Pikachu is not cute. This Pikachu is just fat and looks sleepy And I felt strange with its red hands...
The design of this bike is showing its creativity and effort. But Pikachu seems like other creatures. This bike would be acceptable as some kind of art even though I would not buy and not ride such a creative bike... This guy seems to have strong muscle and effectively shows it for us. But it was not necessary for him to wear this costume.... His head is really annoying and I would hit him if he were in front of me.
As those pictures showed us, many kinds of Pikachu exist in order to annoy and dissapoint us. But these pictures show us that Pikachu is really really popular and famous in the world. If Pikachu were not popular and famous, fake and painful Pikachu probably would not be able to seen in our life...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A dog walking with two legs

Name of this dog is "Faith." She does not have forelegs. Her brith was on Christmas Eve, and then she had a left front leg which became deformed and was eventually removed. But miraculously, Faith is able to walk only with two legs. And she is now working to advertise an organization called "CARE", which preserves and saves homeless animals' lives.
When Faith walks, he uses his tail to keep balance. She is also able to jump. When getting tired, she sits down like we do so.
This is the picture of Faith when she was small. Even if Faith has to always face the difficulty that she does not have two front legs, she is living everyday by being able to walk with two legs. Not only Faith, there are many dogs or animals that were born with some problems or difficulties. We need to know it.