Saturday, December 5, 2009


Now, we are obviously busy and tired every day especailly in this month which is December. Teachers need to create a test for final exam and put student's grade, and students have to study all subjects as the preparation for final exam. So, everyone does not want to waste time to see my blog. But I just want you to watch this video which takes only 17 seconds. I'm sure it will make you feel something.

How did you feel? This cat made me really feel peaceful when I watched this video. Actually, I repeated this video many times even though it is just a short video which takes less than 20 seconds. I wish this cat in the video gave rest and peace to your heart.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cosplay 2

People usually have desire that they want to be other person who seems to have better appearance and personality. Cosplayers also want to be characters as comic book characters look cool for them. Today, I show many different cosplayers who did not successfully become a character.

Wow, those cosplays again successfully disappoint me and others. Did you notice that those cosplayers are all "corpulent." So, I have made a suggestion what they actually should become.

It is...
My suggestion for them is to be sumo wrestlers. It is not strange or unnatural to imitate a sumo wrestler. Those cosplayers just need to take off their clothing and wear only underwear

They can be even one of "Three little pigs." Then they should just wear nice clothing and use the cap.

As you see, imitating someone or something is not easy. So you should find the best character that really looks like you. Those unsuccessful cosplayers showed enough cosplay spirit, however, cosplay quality is much more imporant. Think carefully if you want to "cosplay" someday in future

Ideal Pikachu!?

As you saw, I showed many kinds of ugly Pikachu before. Like that, Pikachu I found was never cute or pretty. I guess most of who are reading my blog start feeling disgusting or uncomfortable. So, Today I show you an ideal Pikachu, and I'm sure most of boys will be happy with today's Pikachu.
I'm sure most boys are surprised and probably start smiling in front of their computers because of this picture. Yeah, you thought this is an ideal Pikachu, right? But unfortunately, such beautiful Pikachu is impossible to exist. This is just an illusion or a dream. Wake up and wash your face, boys. It's time to go to school.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Pikachu is a yellow rat which controls electricity. I know this is needless to explain to all of you because Pikachu is too famous and too popular around the world.
By the way, all living creatures have DNA which contains information of the trait. Each of us has different DNA, which means that all of the human beings have different traits. This can apply to Pikachu as it is also a living creature even though it does not exist in the reality. Now I show some examples of different Pikachus.

This is the reality. All Pikachus do not always have exactly same appearance. Some of them are very very tall like a human. One of them is violent and too savage. Others are obviously just crazy. Like those Pikachu, there are lots of different characteristics. Don't feel pity for their appearance, because all of them have become distinguishable by having their own specific trait. You have a right to love them. But I won't love them. Who will love them? Nobody? Yeah, nobody. I know.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a famous singer known as "King of Pop". He started his life as a singer since he was a member of The Jackson 5 in 1964. Also, he began a successful solo career in 1971. Since then, all of his songs were loved and listened by a lot of the people around the world. His well-known songs are:"Thriller", "Off the Wall", "Bad", "Dangerous", "HIStory", "Beat it", "Billie Jean", etc. While he was flourishing around the world, a lot of rumors and scandals happened in his life. He got over such difficulties and seemed to never stop his activity, however, unfortunately, the end of his life suddenly came on June 25, 2009. He died at the age of 50. Everyone felt it was too early and unexpected.

I know you are crying about that. But you don't have to be sad because he's actually still alive in other worlds!These two movies are the obvious evidences!

His existence is remained on Youtube. (I dare not mention and not explain the contents of those two movies.) He never stops his activity even after his death, and he's always a famous singer in any worlds. I think he now can be called "King of Super Mario or Pokemon world." And nobody will forget "Michael Jackson".

Sunday, October 18, 2009


At Saturday night, It was while I was creating a new post for my blog. Suddenly, all light went out, and I could not see anything around me. But since my computer had a battery, I was still able to do something with my computer. Unfortunately, I noticed and got disappointed that connection of "Internet" was also lost. It was at 8:00 p.m. I was going to write about Michael Jackson, but there was no way to put a new post on my blog. But I still hoped that light would come back to my house until 0:00 a.m. Only light in my house was some candles and the flashlight. They cannot help anything. For me, small amount of electricity was even useless. I need enough amount of electricity, which can make my computer and Internet work. While I was thinking so, my computer also lost all its energy and started sleeping before I slept. It was at 9:00 p.m. Oh my God (even though I'm Buddhist)... Time was passing whatever I did. I was being annoyed. To calm such my mind down, I listened to music with my mp3 player. Yeah, it was really good idea. One hours later, at 10:00 p.m., I got tired of even listening. So, I started listening the radio, since my mp3 player also can be the radio. Then I found that I can enjoy a lot of Portuguese and English songs with a radio. At 11:00 p.m., I felt that time to end Saturday was coming, and my new post would be late. But I still did not give up, still hoped that electricity comes back to me. I started walking around my house with impatience, because the grade for my post would be lost. They, my brother, mother and father already started sleeping. I also wanted to sleep. Not to make noise, I sat on the chair, and I looked over the sky through the window of my room. It was raining, and I saw some lightning. It looked like as if the sky was mad and crying. But I was even madder and wanted to cry about a late post for my blog... Time almost reached. I did not want to accept this reality. I wished that time could be stopped. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. 0:00 a.m. GAME OVER. I lost time and my energy, and I fell asleep with despair...

This is fact that I experienced on October 17th Saturday...

*I have waken up at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. I found that electricity has already come back. But it is too late...

Friday, October 9, 2009


Please look at these old men. They seemingly wish to be strong like a Superman! Most of the men may have such desire. To be strong, what do we need? As you know, yeah, it is muscle! By hard training, your muscle can change appearance of your body. Obviously, these two old men seem almost impossible to be strong. Unfortunately...

Most of the famous or popular heroes or characters usually have muscle. For example, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Goku(Dragon Ball), Popeye, etc. Muscle is essential for these characters to survive everyday. If you also have muscle or a strong body like them, you possibly will be able to be popular, and girls will feel attracted to you. But this is only the case for boys or men.

Let's think of the case for girls or women. You will be able to easily imagine what's going to happen. For who cannot imagine well, I kindly put a image on the left. I'm sorry for who did not want to see such a picture, but this is the reality. As you can see, they are going in the wrong direction. (they may believe this is their right direction though.) They have even more muscle than characters I have introduced. It means they are even stronger than characters. I'm sure no one can beat these women.

And I have noticed that bikini seems even needless for them.

I strongly recommend all women not to have too much muscle. If you become like these women, you will possibly lose opportunity of marriage and won't be able to exist as a woman, which means to lose your beauty.
Too much muscle can negatively change women's lives. Be Careful!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sapporo Snow Festival

Every February, Sapporo Snow Festival is held in Sapporo, a capital of Hokkaido where is located in the north of Japan (circled place on the map). This festival is well known as one of the biggest winter event in Japan, and approximately 2 million people come to see various snow statues or ice sculptures. In this event, group of citizens, or organization in Sapporo make snow statues and ice sculpture for the contest (some of them just might make snow statues for fun but competition). This statues or sculptures could be anything. For example, famous buildings, characters, athletes, animals and etc.

Let's take a look at some snow statues.
Taj Mahal

President Obama

Hamamatsu Castle

Space Invader


Kosuke Kitajima(Japanese multiple Olympic gold medalist swimmer)


Like these, a lot of creative statues are made by the people in Sapporo. Moreover, even citizens outside the city of Sapporo can join this creation since all people making snow statues are volunteers. (you might need to ask committee for Sapporo Snow Festival to participate) In fact, military ground force (army) of Japan also participates creation of snow statues every year as an volunteer.

If you get an opportunity to travel to Japan in February, I strongly recommend that you plan to come to see this event. I'm sure that you will be surprised at those snow statues. (I've never joined this event though.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ninja's tool

Today, I show some main tools that Ninja (Japanese spy or assassin) always use during the mission.

-Kaginawa (Grappling hook): used when Ninja needs to climb a higher place such as a cliff and a roof of the castle. Sometimes it's used as a weapon, too.

-Kunai: it is generally used as a weapon to throw with Shuriken. Also, used for climbing and digging the ground and the wall.

-Shuriken: used as a weapon by throwing, sometimes stabbing or slashing. Sometimes poison is put on Shuriken. And there were many Shuriken with different shape.

-Makibishi: small, spiked caltrops to prevent enemy's pursuit as it injures enemy's foot. Ninja always has it in the case of emergency.

-Shinobigatana: Ninja's Katana(Japanese sword) for assassination. But it is shorter than Samurai's sword, so it is less capable of killing enemies.
All of those Ninja tools seem really useful for his mission, but I do not think that Ninja can move fast with various tools. In my opinion, to be a great ninja, high physical ability and knowledge for use of tools may be required. At least, it can be considered difficult or almost impossible for "corpulent" people to become a professional Ninja.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Do you know who Cosplayers are?
They like to wear costume of comic book or anime characters.
It means... people who want to feel as if they became those characters by imitation.

Today, I have found cosplayers of these characters.

Their names are Link(left) and Zelda(right).
They can be seen on the video game named "Lengend of Zelda".
Its basic story is like... Link overcomes many difficulties(enemies, traps,etc) to save Zelda who is a princess.

So, now I show you cosplayers of Link and Zelda.

As you see, these two people imitate Link and Zelda very very well.
I'm sure no one will complain to their cosplay spirits. No problem can be seen.
But now I want you to see this...

Hahaha... I do not reject them but is it acceptable?
I think these two people need to look at themselves in a mirror again...
OK, I won't say anymore...
I just hope they change their clothings.

Let's see next picture.

... I think these two people are taking a wrong direction.
When I saw this picture, it took long time to understand who they are imitating
umm... To respect their cosplay spirit, I make a suggestion for them.

In my opinion, they can imitate these guys on the picture below well.

As you know, they are Michael Jordan(who is a famous basketball player) and Princess Fiona(from "Shrek")
*Michael Jordan is not even a comic book or anime character though...
Yeah, then that black guy can imitate Michael Jordan well instead of imitating Link
And that princess may be able to imitate Fiona well.
Anyway, while I'm writing about cosplay, I really felt those people can try to become characters they love, but they should carefully imagine how they are going to look like...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ichiro and his father

Ichiro is a Japanese outfielder of Seatle Mariners, and his skill of batting and running is well known to everyone. But most of you may not know that his father's help contributed to Ichiro's ability, so I introduce part of Ichiro's past with his father.

When Ichiro was second grade, he started training skill of baseball such as throwing, batting, and catching, with his father. This training was done with his father everyday (365 days) after school for four years. Even though his father was busy for his work, he taught those skills everyday for his son. Then Ichiro's father also taught importance of putting a lot of effort for accomplishing the purpose to be a baseball player.

Moreover, Ichiro's father even helped Ichiro after training. Every after training, His father massages Ichiro's arms and legs. I think his father more tired than Ichiro as he always taught after his work. But he was still dedicating himself to Ichiro's training.
His father's help can be considered essetial for his success in MLB. Also, in other words, he would not exist as a MLB player without his father, I think.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Have you eaten fried chicken of KFC? I think most of you have been to KFC or know it.

Harland David Sanders or Colonel Sanders is a founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). And KFC is now well known to many people around the world.

But at same time, his relatives, friends or rivals exist in the world (especially in China).

Maybe... Maybe they are Sanders' brother or sister or classmate.I hope so.
OK, let's talk more seriously about them.
Since these pictures are taken in China, needless to say, they are obviously just imitations of KFC.

Even though China is economically developing, it has no famous brand.
Instead, people in China always just make similar and fake brand.
I'm really disappointed about it...

And I'm sure Sanders would cry or give a wry smile if he saw those pictures.