Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Do you know who Cosplayers are?
They like to wear costume of comic book or anime characters.
It means... people who want to feel as if they became those characters by imitation.

Today, I have found cosplayers of these characters.

Their names are Link(left) and Zelda(right).
They can be seen on the video game named "Lengend of Zelda".
Its basic story is like... Link overcomes many difficulties(enemies, traps,etc) to save Zelda who is a princess.

So, now I show you cosplayers of Link and Zelda.

As you see, these two people imitate Link and Zelda very very well.
I'm sure no one will complain to their cosplay spirits. No problem can be seen.
But now I want you to see this...

Hahaha... I do not reject them but is it acceptable?
I think these two people need to look at themselves in a mirror again...
OK, I won't say anymore...
I just hope they change their clothings.

Let's see next picture.

... I think these two people are taking a wrong direction.
When I saw this picture, it took long time to understand who they are imitating
umm... To respect their cosplay spirit, I make a suggestion for them.

In my opinion, they can imitate these guys on the picture below well.

As you know, they are Michael Jordan(who is a famous basketball player) and Princess Fiona(from "Shrek")
*Michael Jordan is not even a comic book or anime character though...
Yeah, then that black guy can imitate Michael Jordan well instead of imitating Link
And that princess may be able to imitate Fiona well.
Anyway, while I'm writing about cosplay, I really felt those people can try to become characters they love, but they should carefully imagine how they are going to look like...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fake Mcdonald's

Have you been to Mcdonald's? I guess most of you have had its hamburger. As you know Mcdonald's has hamburgers, French fries, Chicken naggets, drinks, desserts, etc. So, we can say that Mcdonald's satisfy our hunger and makes us happy. But I will show you some fake Mcdonald's which will destroy your happiness. If you do not want to be dissapointed, I recommend you not to see this post. I guess most of who saw these pictures got disappointed. But I want to even respect the creativity of these fake Mcdonald's, because I think it is not easy to copy and create the fake.
And fakes will make you feel that it is better not to go to these fake shops. By knowing existence of fakes, you can recognize the quality of real one.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today I would like you to watch this video. This video is about a squirrel fighting against crows in order to protect a dead friend of the squirrel. If you watch this video, you will feel that animals also have hearts and friendship like human being.

In this video, a squirrel is staying by its dead friend, and a crow comes to eat the dead body as its food. The squirrel threatens the crow by moving its tail. Another clow comes and it also tries to eat the dead body, but the squirrel does not let them do so. One more clow comes, and total of three clows are trying to get the dead body. The tension between the squirrel and clows continue, but this video does not show the result and ends.

This squirrel's action is unbelievable and really impressive. As all of animals are always in survival, it is rarely seen in their world. In spite of the dangerous situation, the squirrel chose to bravely protect its friend from crows. It shows us some sorts of morality and the way we should act.

I hope that the squirrel successfully defeats all three crows.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waraji and Geta

Several hundreds years ago, Japanese people did not have any shoes. Until Japan became open to foreign countries and Japan imports European culture in 1868, Japanese people were using some sorts of sandals called Waraji and Geta. Waraji is made of straw(a grain plant), and Geta is made of wood. Before People put on the waraji and the geta, they can choose to wear white socks or keep their feet bare.

Now, the waraji and the geta can be rarely seen in Japan. They are actually still used by Japanese people, but both sandals are now usually ofr summer festivals abd some Japanese traditional events.
*People generally wear kimonos and one of those sandals together.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today I've found some painful pictures of Pikachu. As always, these will disappoint you and make kids cry soon... Maybe it's better not to show these pictures for kids. You will see what problems all Pikachu in these pictures have.This Pikachu has an usual appearance. I mean its appearance does not have any problem. The only problem is the entrance... I do not want to see a lot of children enter it... I don't know what this item is, but this Pikachu is not cute. This Pikachu is just fat and looks sleepy And I felt strange with its red hands...
The design of this bike is showing its creativity and effort. But Pikachu seems like other creatures. This bike would be acceptable as some kind of art even though I would not buy and not ride such a creative bike... This guy seems to have strong muscle and effectively shows it for us. But it was not necessary for him to wear this costume.... His head is really annoying and I would hit him if he were in front of me.
As those pictures showed us, many kinds of Pikachu exist in order to annoy and dissapoint us. But these pictures show us that Pikachu is really really popular and famous in the world. If Pikachu were not popular and famous, fake and painful Pikachu probably would not be able to seen in our life...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A dog walking with two legs

Name of this dog is "Faith." She does not have forelegs. Her brith was on Christmas Eve, and then she had a left front leg which became deformed and was eventually removed. But miraculously, Faith is able to walk only with two legs. And she is now working to advertise an organization called "CARE", which preserves and saves homeless animals' lives.
When Faith walks, he uses his tail to keep balance. She is also able to jump. When getting tired, she sits down like we do so.
This is the picture of Faith when she was small. Even if Faith has to always face the difficulty that she does not have two front legs, she is living everyday by being able to walk with two legs. Not only Faith, there are many dogs or animals that were born with some problems or difficulties. We need to know it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A strange animal

In China, a weird creature was captured on March 24th. A Chinese citizen heard the noise that chickens were crying. Then he thought it must have been a rubber and got out of his house to find a rubber.But the rubber was a gray animal which is similar to dog. With neighbor's help, the Chinese guy successfully captured that animal.

No one has seen this animal as it has a weird appearance. Length of its body is about 60cm. Its head is smaller, and its tail is larger as this picture is showing. This animal has almost no hair. Its head is similar to dog, and its nose is similar to cow. And its legs are similar to carnivorous animal.

Simultaneously, in same city in China, another Chinese citizen found and caught a similar animal. As a result of research, the animal in this picture is considred as "Beech Marten" or also called "Stone Marten."
As you can see, A Beech Marten in the second picture is different from one in the first picture because of hair.
According to Wikipedia, basic characteristics or information of Beech Marten can apply to "a weird creature", but some doubts from its appearance are remaining. That's why scientists are still researching this animal found in China.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Potential cosplayer

When I was choosing pictures for my senior's page of yearbook, I found a great picture. This old man on this picture is a WOC guide. Most of students in my grade have seen him when they joined WOC. When I saw him, I thought I have seen him before. He really looks like "someone." Do you know this another old guy on the secnd picture? He is called "Master Roshi" from a famous comic book named "Dragon Ball." He is an important person in the story because he taught Goku (who is a main character in Dragon Ball) the "Kamehameha", which is the way of attack and used in many battles later. The old man on first picture reminds me this character.

Of course, two old guys have are obviously still different. But if the guy on first picture had longer beard, he would be able to naturally become one of cosplayers in the world. Like this case, more "potential" cosplayers probably exist in our life.

*This is the "Kamehameha!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aynu people

Hokkaido, the north of Japan, had natives called "Aynu." Aynu means "human being", "friend", "partner", etc. This word "Aynu" was used only for good person. Bad people are called "wenpe." Today, almost no one speaks this language. A long time ago, since immigrants came from other parts of Japan, Aynu people began to be discriminated. So they tried to marry non-Aynu or "Japanese" people to try to decrease their Aynu blood. Therefore, their culture is almost lost even though some people in Hokkaido probably have ancestor from Aynu people.
Instead of Aynu people, today I'll show some Aynu vocaburary as one of Aynu culture.

OK... I will talk about the word "Kamuy" today.
Kamuy basically means "God". This word can be used with many other words, and meaning becomes different. For example, "kamuy kaka" means a bear, "kamuy cep" means a salmon, "kanna kamuy" means lightning, "tokap cup kamuy" means the sun. As you can notice, the word "kamuy" involves everything from nature including weather, animals, and phenomenon. It can be assumed that Aynu people might always keep respect to the nature in Hokkaido.

I can talk more about the Aynu language, but I stop here because it is specific enough.
By the way, my father and grandfather are from Hokkaido. So... there is a possibility that my family has ancestor from Aynu. Or I'm just a general Japanese.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think most of you have seen this kind of hair style in some history textbooks. This is a Japanese traditional hair style for men, called "Chonmage." This hair style was common 400 years ago as many Japanese soldiers called samurai had it.

Recently, this hair style can be seen only from sumo wrestlers because this hair style was prohibited by Japanese government when a foreign country (the United States) forced Japan to open and have trade with other countries. Then Japan began to become more westernized and this traditional hair style disappeared in our society nowadays. (However, now hair style is not limited by the government, so you can try Chonmage if you want)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Each country has a flag with different design. But some countries' flags are similar to one another. For example, flags of Japan, Bangladesh, and Palau have circle on the middle eve though they have different colors. Today, I will compare these three different flogs to find their meanings.
Japan's flag is white with a red circle. This red circle means "sun". In other countries, the red is rarely used as the color of the sun. In Japan's history, a long time ago, Japanese people always used to see sunrise and felt it is something important as sunrise is the beginning of every day in their life. It is assumed that Japanese started using this flag in 701.
Bangladesh's flag has a red circle on the green rectangular. The position of the circle is not exactly on the middle. The red circle means "sun" and the green part means "green field". Also, the red circle means blood of the people who died for independence. The sun on the flag can be considered opposite to crescent and star, since Bangladesh was in opposition to Pakistan (Islam).This flag was stated in 1971.
Palau's flag has a yellow circle on the blue rectangular. This circle means "moon" unlike two other countries. It also means independence and cycle of the nature. Blue part means that Palau is the country on the Pacific ocean. This flag was stated in 1981.
These flags have similarities and differences. The circle usually means the sun(and the moon), and it also means independence in Bangladesh and Palau. However, other parts of flags are completely different as blue means Pacific ocean and green means green field. And some rumor says that Bangladesh and Palau's flags are an imitation of Japan.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have never had a dog as a pet. But if I had a dog, it would be unpredictable how a dog or other pet behaves or acts. Today I put an exaggerated video that a dog surprises its owner.It will take only a half minute, so don't be lazy to watch this video!

Did you see the owner' face? He froze when the dog peed and fired. If this dog exists in our world, nobody will overcome this difficulty of fire that the dog made.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Disneyland. That's the place where gives dreams to all children. That's the place where everyone enjoys. That's the place where we can temporarily forget the reality...

Especially, Mickey Mouse is well known to everyone in Disneyland. Even if you have not visited Disneyland, most of you probably have seen Mickey Mouse on TV.

As time passes, many of fake Mickey Mouse have appeared. These Mickey Mouses will disappoint you, and I'm sure you will lose your dream to Disneyland... And I do not recommend that children see this post. Let them see this post when they become teenagers or older.

Time to depair of weird Mickey Mouse...

Did you see all pictures? Unfortunately, sometimes we need to take a look at the reality...

To disappoint you again, I put another picture below. (Obviously this is not even Mickey Mouse though)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pikachu again in this semester

In this semester, I will keep writing about many many ugly (sometimes beautiful)Pikachu again. Today, I've got some pictures again from internet. Many people around the world are crazy with Pikachu... I hope you enjoy them.

How did you feel about them? Those Pikachu were ugly, right?As I talked before, all animals including human beings always have different characteristics even though basis of their appearance is same. Do not discriminate those which do not seem usual. They are also your friends...