Friday, February 19, 2010


Each country has a flag with different design. But some countries' flags are similar to one another. For example, flags of Japan, Bangladesh, and Palau have circle on the middle eve though they have different colors. Today, I will compare these three different flogs to find their meanings.
Japan's flag is white with a red circle. This red circle means "sun". In other countries, the red is rarely used as the color of the sun. In Japan's history, a long time ago, Japanese people always used to see sunrise and felt it is something important as sunrise is the beginning of every day in their life. It is assumed that Japanese started using this flag in 701.
Bangladesh's flag has a red circle on the green rectangular. The position of the circle is not exactly on the middle. The red circle means "sun" and the green part means "green field". Also, the red circle means blood of the people who died for independence. The sun on the flag can be considered opposite to crescent and star, since Bangladesh was in opposition to Pakistan (Islam).This flag was stated in 1971.
Palau's flag has a yellow circle on the blue rectangular. This circle means "moon" unlike two other countries. It also means independence and cycle of the nature. Blue part means that Palau is the country on the Pacific ocean. This flag was stated in 1981.
These flags have similarities and differences. The circle usually means the sun(and the moon), and it also means independence in Bangladesh and Palau. However, other parts of flags are completely different as blue means Pacific ocean and green means green field. And some rumor says that Bangladesh and Palau's flags are an imitation of Japan.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Interesting. I didn't know anything about Bangladesh or Palau's flags.