Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today I would like you to watch this video. This video is about a squirrel fighting against crows in order to protect a dead friend of the squirrel. If you watch this video, you will feel that animals also have hearts and friendship like human being.

In this video, a squirrel is staying by its dead friend, and a crow comes to eat the dead body as its food. The squirrel threatens the crow by moving its tail. Another clow comes and it also tries to eat the dead body, but the squirrel does not let them do so. One more clow comes, and total of three clows are trying to get the dead body. The tension between the squirrel and clows continue, but this video does not show the result and ends.

This squirrel's action is unbelievable and really impressive. As all of animals are always in survival, it is rarely seen in their world. In spite of the dangerous situation, the squirrel chose to bravely protect its friend from crows. It shows us some sorts of morality and the way we should act.

I hope that the squirrel successfully defeats all three crows.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Oh . . . this was so sad! Especially at the end where the squirrel is laying down next to its dead friend.

I need to go watch something stupid now.