Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ichiro and his father

Ichiro is a Japanese outfielder of Seatle Mariners, and his skill of batting and running is well known to everyone. But most of you may not know that his father's help contributed to Ichiro's ability, so I introduce part of Ichiro's past with his father.

When Ichiro was second grade, he started training skill of baseball such as throwing, batting, and catching, with his father. This training was done with his father everyday (365 days) after school for four years. Even though his father was busy for his work, he taught those skills everyday for his son. Then Ichiro's father also taught importance of putting a lot of effort for accomplishing the purpose to be a baseball player.

Moreover, Ichiro's father even helped Ichiro after training. Every after training, His father massages Ichiro's arms and legs. I think his father more tired than Ichiro as he always taught after his work. But he was still dedicating himself to Ichiro's training.
His father's help can be considered essetial for his success in MLB. Also, in other words, he would not exist as a MLB player without his father, I think.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Good post. Ichiro's father pobably very tired, and it says a lot about his dedication to his son and the sport that he was willing to spend so much of his time in this practice.