Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ninja's tool

Today, I show some main tools that Ninja (Japanese spy or assassin) always use during the mission.

-Kaginawa (Grappling hook): used when Ninja needs to climb a higher place such as a cliff and a roof of the castle. Sometimes it's used as a weapon, too.

-Kunai: it is generally used as a weapon to throw with Shuriken. Also, used for climbing and digging the ground and the wall.

-Shuriken: used as a weapon by throwing, sometimes stabbing or slashing. Sometimes poison is put on Shuriken. And there were many Shuriken with different shape.

-Makibishi: small, spiked caltrops to prevent enemy's pursuit as it injures enemy's foot. Ninja always has it in the case of emergency.

-Shinobigatana: Ninja's Katana(Japanese sword) for assassination. But it is shorter than Samurai's sword, so it is less capable of killing enemies.
All of those Ninja tools seem really useful for his mission, but I do not think that Ninja can move fast with various tools. In my opinion, to be a great ninja, high physical ability and knowledge for use of tools may be required. At least, it can be considered difficult or almost impossible for "corpulent" people to become a professional Ninja.

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

It does sound very difficult to be a "corpulent" (good word) ninja. And just how does a ninja carry all of these weapons? A belt? A backpack?