Sunday, March 21, 2010

Potential cosplayer

When I was choosing pictures for my senior's page of yearbook, I found a great picture. This old man on this picture is a WOC guide. Most of students in my grade have seen him when they joined WOC. When I saw him, I thought I have seen him before. He really looks like "someone." Do you know this another old guy on the secnd picture? He is called "Master Roshi" from a famous comic book named "Dragon Ball." He is an important person in the story because he taught Goku (who is a main character in Dragon Ball) the "Kamehameha", which is the way of attack and used in many battles later. The old man on first picture reminds me this character.

Of course, two old guys have are obviously still different. But if the guy on first picture had longer beard, he would be able to naturally become one of cosplayers in the world. Like this case, more "potential" cosplayers probably exist in our life.

*This is the "Kamehameha!"

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Have you seen this website? I think you could come up with some good entries.