Sunday, March 28, 2010

A strange animal

In China, a weird creature was captured on March 24th. A Chinese citizen heard the noise that chickens were crying. Then he thought it must have been a rubber and got out of his house to find a rubber.But the rubber was a gray animal which is similar to dog. With neighbor's help, the Chinese guy successfully captured that animal.

No one has seen this animal as it has a weird appearance. Length of its body is about 60cm. Its head is smaller, and its tail is larger as this picture is showing. This animal has almost no hair. Its head is similar to dog, and its nose is similar to cow. And its legs are similar to carnivorous animal.

Simultaneously, in same city in China, another Chinese citizen found and caught a similar animal. As a result of research, the animal in this picture is considred as "Beech Marten" or also called "Stone Marten."
As you can see, A Beech Marten in the second picture is different from one in the first picture because of hair.
According to Wikipedia, basic characteristics or information of Beech Marten can apply to "a weird creature", but some doubts from its appearance are remaining. That's why scientists are still researching this animal found in China.

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