Sunday, April 4, 2010

A dog walking with two legs

Name of this dog is "Faith." She does not have forelegs. Her brith was on Christmas Eve, and then she had a left front leg which became deformed and was eventually removed. But miraculously, Faith is able to walk only with two legs. And she is now working to advertise an organization called "CARE", which preserves and saves homeless animals' lives.
When Faith walks, he uses his tail to keep balance. She is also able to jump. When getting tired, she sits down like we do so.
This is the picture of Faith when she was small. Even if Faith has to always face the difficulty that she does not have two front legs, she is living everyday by being able to walk with two legs. Not only Faith, there are many dogs or animals that were born with some problems or difficulties. We need to know it.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Cute. I've seen video of this dog before--pretty incredible.

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