Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fake Mcdonald's

Have you been to Mcdonald's? I guess most of you have had its hamburger. As you know Mcdonald's has hamburgers, French fries, Chicken naggets, drinks, desserts, etc. So, we can say that Mcdonald's satisfy our hunger and makes us happy. But I will show you some fake Mcdonald's which will destroy your happiness. If you do not want to be dissapointed, I recommend you not to see this post. I guess most of who saw these pictures got disappointed. But I want to even respect the creativity of these fake Mcdonald's, because I think it is not easy to copy and create the fake.
And fakes will make you feel that it is better not to go to these fake shops. By knowing existence of fakes, you can recognize the quality of real one.

1 comment:

Professor Duckstein said...

The third picture isn't a fake, it is the first Mc Donalds!