Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sapporo Snow Festival

Every February, Sapporo Snow Festival is held in Sapporo, a capital of Hokkaido where is located in the north of Japan (circled place on the map). This festival is well known as one of the biggest winter event in Japan, and approximately 2 million people come to see various snow statues or ice sculptures. In this event, group of citizens, or organization in Sapporo make snow statues and ice sculpture for the contest (some of them just might make snow statues for fun but competition). This statues or sculptures could be anything. For example, famous buildings, characters, athletes, animals and etc.

Let's take a look at some snow statues.
Taj Mahal

President Obama

Hamamatsu Castle

Space Invader


Kosuke Kitajima(Japanese multiple Olympic gold medalist swimmer)


Like these, a lot of creative statues are made by the people in Sapporo. Moreover, even citizens outside the city of Sapporo can join this creation since all people making snow statues are volunteers. (you might need to ask committee for Sapporo Snow Festival to participate) In fact, military ground force (army) of Japan also participates creation of snow statues every year as an volunteer.

If you get an opportunity to travel to Japan in February, I strongly recommend that you plan to come to see this event. I'm sure that you will be surprised at those snow statues. (I've never joined this event though.)


Kim HH said...

Hi shogo!kkkk
The picture of swimming player looks similar with Korean gagman kkkkkkk

KarinN said...

It's amazing! In our English class we saw your blog. It was very funny.
Ganbatte! (from Hye Hee)

akig said...

These statues are really beautiful!!
I didn't know that there's a statue of Kosuke Kitajima!
All of statues are created just like the real thing. I was really surprised(><)!
I want to visit this event someday♪