Friday, October 9, 2009


Please look at these old men. They seemingly wish to be strong like a Superman! Most of the men may have such desire. To be strong, what do we need? As you know, yeah, it is muscle! By hard training, your muscle can change appearance of your body. Obviously, these two old men seem almost impossible to be strong. Unfortunately...

Most of the famous or popular heroes or characters usually have muscle. For example, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Goku(Dragon Ball), Popeye, etc. Muscle is essential for these characters to survive everyday. If you also have muscle or a strong body like them, you possibly will be able to be popular, and girls will feel attracted to you. But this is only the case for boys or men.

Let's think of the case for girls or women. You will be able to easily imagine what's going to happen. For who cannot imagine well, I kindly put a image on the left. I'm sorry for who did not want to see such a picture, but this is the reality. As you can see, they are going in the wrong direction. (they may believe this is their right direction though.) They have even more muscle than characters I have introduced. It means they are even stronger than characters. I'm sure no one can beat these women.

And I have noticed that bikini seems even needless for them.

I strongly recommend all women not to have too much muscle. If you become like these women, you will possibly lose opportunity of marriage and won't be able to exist as a woman, which means to lose your beauty.
Too much muscle can negatively change women's lives. Be Careful!

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep this in mind next time I go to the gym.